Lovely New London Map Wedding Invitations

London Map wedding invitation design

London Map wedding invitation design

Finally, finally, finally, we have a 'ready to go' London Map wedding invitation available! 

The invitation features a hand-drawn map of London, including landmarks such as the Royal Albert Hall, Battersea Power Station, the Cutty Sark, the Tower of London, the Olympic Stadium, St Pancras, Big Ben, Nelson's Column, Covent Garden and the Gherkin.

The invitation will be available via our online shop very soon - if in the meantime you are interested in placing an order, please don't hesitate to get in touch either via email - or via phone 01423 223987 and we will help you out!

Five Ways to Word Your Wedding Invitations

Getting your wedding invitation wording right is important and it can be a tough challenge. Above are five wedding invitation wording ideas to help you when writing your own wedding invitations. Have you got any tips? Let us know!

Some key questions to ask yourself when writing your invitations are: 

  • Do you want your invitation to be formal? Or friendly? Or a bit of both?
  • Are you and your partner inviting your guests or are your parents inviting the guests?
  • How much information do you need to communicate? (e.g. does the RSVP info need to go on the invitation)
  • How do you want your guest’s to RSVP?
  • Are children invited?
  • Does gift list information need to be included?

Key information to include: (which can sometimes easily be forgotten!)

  • Your names
  • Date of wedding
  • Time of wedding
  • Ceremony and reception venues and addresses if appropriate
  • RSVP date / how to RSVP
  • Dress code if you are having one
  • Time for Carriages

There aren't really any true right or wrongs regarding wedding invitations; we think that it's best to do what feels right to you and your partner and then the invitations will truly sound like they are genuinely from you and your partner. However, we are here to help if you need us!